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The protection of air!

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The protection of air!

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The protection of air!

Packaging for fragile items


Packaging for sending glass bottles, wine and fragile items

Don't wine, oil and beer taste like the ones you had sampled?

How the packaging for sending wine bottles works


An innovative, protective and hermetic air chamber packaging that prevents your products from damages caused by collisions and thermal shock - which cannot be solved by using cartons as packaging for shipping.

AirECOPACK System is a patented inflatable air chamber packaging system that protects from shocks and humidity.
AirECOPACK System is an innovative system that allows you to move and store your products while protecting them from any kind of damages, from shocks and in particular from thermal shock.
AirECOPACK System is the ideal packaging solution for bottles and for any other heat-sensitive and fragile item.

How the packaging for sending wine bottles

Inflatable air-chambered packaging can safeguard any type of product, whether fragile or heat-sensitive.

AirEcoPack System protects through the use of air and it is made of plastic materials.

AirEcoPack packaging has a very low gas permeability and a high thermal resistance (+60° -25°), which protect the packed product from extreme temperatures and humidity.
AirEcoPack packaging prevents thermal shocks for the packed product. It has an exceptional resistance and tensile strength. It is flexible and reduces the impact of collisions on the packed product, since it lays in a cushioning "cradle". It can also be used for air transport and cargo ships.

Packaging for cartons of wine bottles
Packaging for cartons of wine bottles
Packaging for oil cans
Packaging for oil cans
imballo spedizione bottiglie di vino
imballo spedizione bottiglie di vino
imballo spedizione bottiglie di vino e olio
imballo spedizione bottiglie di vino e olio

A revolutionary packaging system AirEcoTube

AirEcoTube is a revolutionary packaging system that applies a new cutting-edge technique based on air.
The AirEcoTube packaging replaces the use of polystyrene or other filling material: it offers the opportunity to save time and money and guarantees a better protection.

AirEcoTube packages are usually expressly designed depending on the specific products to protect and custom-made according to the client's requirement.
Nevertheless also standard sizes are available for cartons of wine and oil bottles, oil cans and magnum bottles.

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AirEcoPack is now the best packaging on the market.

AirECOPACK: Space-Saver Packaging

Before use, AirECOPACK System packaging looks like a 2 mm thick flat bag.
This property guarantees considerable saving of space and minimizes the amount of space taken up in the warehouse.

It looks like a pocket, available in various sizes. Each side of the pocket has its own air chamber.
You just need to insert the item that you wish to pack into the pocket.
For packing sharp-cornered items it is highly recommended to apply edge protectors in sponge, polystyrene or thick paper before inserting them into the pocket.

The protection of air

At this point you will insert the nozzle of the air pump into the valve and inflate the 2 air chambers.
AirECOPACK packaging can also be inflated by using a bicycle pump, inflators for dinghies or balloons.

The packaging will perfectly mould itself to the shape of the item: inside it will create a vacuum packaging effect and outside an airbag effect.
Once inflated, the packaging can be inserted into a carton in case of shipping or into a shopping bag in case of retail sales.

AirEcoPack can be reused by the end user.
So delicate that only air can protect it.
Envelop it