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The main features of AirEcoPack System packaging

The main features of AirEcoPack System packaging include: protection from thermal shock (unlike cartons), collisions, organoleptic damages, anti-static protection and waterproofness.

The ideal packaging against thermal shocks

A thermal shock is caused by a sudden and rapid jump in temperature, which produces organoleptic changes in wine, oil, beer and food in general.
Rapid jumps in temperature could break microparticles in other types of products, such as for example items in wood/metal/plastic that expand when heated and contract when cooled.
Whereas when glass is kept at low temperatures and then it is suddenly immersed into hot water, it breaks. This happens unless the glass is gradually and slowly brought to the desired temperature by avoiding any extreme and rapid jump in temperature.

The type of plastic materials that is used in AirECOPACK System packaging is so heat resistant that, along with air, it creates a barrier which is able to reduce the time for heat transfer towards both higher and lower temperatures. This prevents thermal shocks - contrary to carton, which does not prevent thermal shocks, in spite of what can be read on the web.


Temperature test on packaging that is used to transport wine bottles
Test trasmissione temperatura
Transmission of temperature test
Test trasmissione temperatura



Temperature test on packaging that is used to transport wine bottles
Test trasmissione temperatura
Transmission of temperature test
Test trasmissione temperatura


Temperature excursion test

As the following pictures prove (series of pictures taken at 20 minute intervals in full sun), inside the AirECOPACK System packaging units the outside temperature is always reached much later.
The same test, run in a sheltered environment, provided five times better results.
Therefore the time for temperature excursion turns out to be five times longer for AirECOPACK System packaging than for standard packaging.

We have taken care of running the test of shipping the same wine with two different types of packaging: the first one with AirECOPACK System packaging and the second one with standard packaging.
After being shipped, this wine (kept in concealed bottles) has been sampled by a group of sommeliers. They noticed various differences in taste and fragrance and in some cases even structural defects were observed in the wine which had been shipped with standard packaging.

Try it yourself: choose to taste some wine purchased in a supermarket and the same wine which has been sent by the winery that uses AirECOPACK System packaging.

Protection from thermal shocks for wine, oil and beer

Keeping temperature and humidity constant over time is essential for the conservation of wine, beer and oil.
AirECOPACK System packaging guarantees safe shipments and protects your products' organoleptic properties.
In case of sudden temperature changes, AirECOPACK System assures that these changes occur slowly and gradually without compromising the ageing of wine (especially in case of red wine) or the fermentation of beer.
Storage temperature should always be kept within a range of 12-24 degrees. Temperatures over 24 degrees or extremely low temperatures can cause thermal shocks, which in turn compromise the ageing and/or fermentation process: not only do they limit its durability, but they also alter its taste and flavour.
AirECOPACK System allows the maintenance of a proper temperature for a long time, from the packing moment to the delivery.

Various countries all over the world have imposed special restrictions regarding transport conditions. For example as far as oil trade is concerned, producer and distributor must guarantee that the product is not exposed to thermal shocks that may alter its properties before it is put on sale.
Heavy penalties are applied in case of non-fulfillment.

Packaging for eggs

In compliance with the current legislation on eggs, AirECOEGGS allows the transport of eggs at a constant temperature that is best suited to ensure optimal conservation of their hygiene properties, while avoiding potential thermal shocks that may lead to breaks and possible formation of condensation over the eggshell that may favour the passage of harmful bacteria to egg white and yolk.
AirECOEGGS provides a cushioning effect and protects the eggs from shocks.

Eggshells are the natural barrier that protects eggs from the passage of bacteria: AirECOPACK System is the best protection for eggshells!

Packaging against shocks

The plastic materials used by AirECOPACK System are elastic to the point that the packaging perfectly moulds itself to the shape of the packed item.
The resistance of AirECOPACK System's raw materials and the air placed in it create a cushioning effect.
AirECOPACK System minimises possible impact damages, as this type of packaging produces an airbag-like effect, which is highly shock absorbing.
Even if strong vibrations do not cause irreversible damages to the transported items, they may create them problems anyway.
Transport of wine, oil, beer is safe with AirECOPACK System!

If shaken inside a closed bottle, wine releases some gases that may cause an organoleptic alteration of the product's properties.
Also shaken oil may create an "emulsion" effect and lose its natural clarity.
The same applies to beer, which creates excess foam in case of shaking motion, with complications that are easy to guess.
AirECOPACK System proves to be the ideal solution for packing and transport also in sectors other than food, such as electronics.

Antistatic packaging

AirECOPACK System is made of plastic materials with antistatic effect, which is essential for electronics.
In dry environments, in fact, electric charges accumulate and generate electrostatic fields whose damages are too often underestimated.

Static electricity represents the greatest enemy of electronic components.
It damages chips, HDD, cards and any kind of electronic equipment.
Static electricity is usually generated by the rubbing of insulation materials: the most evident effect is the annoying shock you can get by touching the object, usually accompanied by small electric sparks - which especially occurs in dry environments and conditions.

The voltage produced by these annoying "sparks" can reach pretty high voltage values when in contact with the human body, which for human beings usually turn simply into an unpleasant electric shock sensation. This does not apply to integrated circuits and electronic components which on the contrary are very sensitive to the problem, in particular those having high input impedances or insulated gate such as:

  • cmos
  • eeprom
  • flash
  • jfet
  • microprocessori
  •   mosfet
  • nmos
  • ram

The listed products may get punctured or melted, causing irreparable damage.

Impermeability and moisture resistance

AirECOPACK System packaging completely wrap and vacuum-pack the products - these characteristics guarantee an optimal protection from moisture.
AirECOPACK System guarantees impermeability, your packed products will always stay dry and the packaging will not deteriorate even if it comes in contact with liquids, contrary to what usually occurs with other types of packaging.

Protection of the packed product

Most of the packaging solutions serve to protect from shocks and damages, but how many of them prevent thermal shocks?
How many of them reduce the shocks caused to liquids and due to collisions?

Any sudden temperature change, movement or strong vibration has negative effects on liquid food.
AirECOPACK System reduces all the inconveniences, both due to sudden temperature changes and due to transport movements.
AirECOPACK System allows every liquid food to regain its natural balance at the right time. AirECOPACK is an elastic packaging: even in extreme weather conditions AirECOPACK adapts to air volume changes due to cold or intense heat.

Required storage space for our empty packaging

In terms of volume of space used in the warehouse:
250 units of our empty AirECOPACK System packaging for 3 bottles each (which means packaging for 750 bottles) take up the same space of a single empty bottle box in polystyrene used for only 6 bottles.