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User Guide for AirECOPACK packaging

How the packaging for wine bottles works

Simple instructions to use the protective AirECOPACK packaging as best as possible.

Insert the products into the laying packaging and keep the inflation valve face up, then inflate it.

AirEcoBox System Packaging

Insert the wine bottles from the neck and place them at a distance of 4/5 cm from the bottom.
Insert the nozzle of the air inflator (or other device) into the valve and inflate until the desired size is reached.
Insert the two packing units (of 3 bottles each) into the carton box, keeping the neck of the bottles on the top (and the valve on the bottom).
Place the provided separator between the two packing units.

It is important that the carton for 6 bottles - which means the 2 packaging units of 3 bottles each - conforms with the dimensions of CM 25x35x46
For retail sales it is possible to use a rectangular shopping bag with handles to deliver the products to customers. In this case the bags have to comply with the following dimensions to be able to contain a packaging unit for 3 bottles: CM 12,5x35x49 for a single packaging unit (for 3 bottles)

AirEcoTube System packaging

Insert the product you want to package into the AirEcoTube pocket and place it as much as possible in the middle of a packaging side.
Insert the nozzle of the air pump and inflate.
Are you interested in further information regarding your ideal packaging? Contact us and we will be glad to support you in finding your ideal solution at the best price..

Use AirEcoTube packaging for your shipments
Use AirEcoTube packaging for your shipments

AirEceEggs System packaging

Insert the eggs into the provided holder and place them inside the packaging, keeping a distance of 4/5 cm from the ends.
Insert the nozzle of the inflator (or of any other device) into the valve and inflate.

Packaging customization

AirECOPACK System packaging can be customized according to the client's desires and requirements.